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Well, you found your conceptual dream home and an architect to help capture some beautiful views while providing maximum comfort and safety for you and your family!

Also, you might have already received some recommendations for General Contractors to consider and found that while most had a good history of building for some their ability to work with different types of clients seemed a little bit uncertain.

So, what did you do when you were travelling internationally and needed help in unfamiliar locations? Well, you typically looked for a Concierge—an in depth helper who was dedicated to taking care of you and your family so you could all sleep well during the night and enjoy the trip the next day!

In construction, almost endless factors can contribute to delay and questionable quality—In this realm, a Construction Concierge can monitor the availability of supplies, expert labor and special equipment, so that the working environment of each sub-contractor can be carefully planned before the scheduled work day begins. This attention to detail can help achieve the level of quality and finish planned by the architect and, also, desired by the owner.

If you have more questions about how a Concierge Construction Advisor works to meet the goals for quality established by both the architect and owner, as well as striving to resolve issues in an expeditious manner, please review the text on preceding pages 12&13, herein. In addition, please feel welcome to call or contact Dana through the direct links located in the top right corner in the Main Web Page.

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