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Contractor Selection: Most people who are getting ready to do a remodel, add a room, build an entire new home or outdoor living area are aware they can’t get something for nothing! Also, once they start to realize the potential perils of simply selecting the lowest bidder (who may be here today, but gone tomorrow or who left something out of their bid) they should start looking for guidance and here are a few things that might help:

1. Try and get at least 5 bids and, then, discard the lowest and highest bids.
2. Compare the three remaining contractors’ bids by reviewing their websites for content, helpful attitude and photos of recent jobs.
3. Next, call each contractor’s references (hopefully, at least three) and ask them the exact same questions, such as:
A. Did the contractor keep you advised about how the job was proceeding and what was next?
B. Did the contractor point out any potential problems in design that could be fixed easily during the foundation or framing stages?
C. Did the contractor listen to concerns, if you had any, that you presented during the on-site progress reviews?
D. Did the contractor respond to your phone calls and questions, if you had any, after the job was completed?
E. Would you hire the same contractor again for a similar job?
F. Would you recommend the same contractor to your family or friends for a similar job?
G. Without considering price for a moment, which one or two contractors do you feel most confident about?
H. Finally, after considering price along with the information compiled in relation to No. 2 through 3.g (above), place the contractors in order of preference.
I. Call the Number 1 contractor and pick a time and place to review and sign the construction contract.
J. Call the other contractors and let them know they finished in the top group. Also, let them know that if final negotiations are not successful with the first-place contractor you would like to give them a call to find out if they are still interested in the project.

Contractors' Do What? What does a General Contractor do? To sum up what a General Contractor (GC) does, in as few words as possible, A G.C. plans, coordinates and controls every unit of work that is involved in the physical construction of the structure(s) that have been approved by responsible planning and building and safety agencies. Some additional insights can be obtained from reading other descriptions in this Topics & Services section of Dana's webpage. Additional descriptions can be obtained from reading basic and intermediate texts concerning residential construction that can be found at Home Depot & Lowe's.

Contractors' Forms: We use ACT contractors' forms or equivalent for 2019, as updated, that have been designed to meet the latest California (B 1) General Contractors' standards. After review, we have found ACT's contractors' forms easy to use and with provisions that reflect both the interests of the contractor and the client, and hopefully that may be you!

Thank you for taking the time to review this section titled Contractor Selection and if you would like to ask Dana to bid on a set of approved building plans and specifications, please give him a call at 805-640-0685!

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