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Concierge Construction Services (FAQ's)


Who? A new client (maybe even you) and Dana (in the role of a principal on-site analyst, reviewer and communicator with the owner). FYI, Dana's role would be to take all the steps required to advise the owner about the current and most likely future construction situation and, in contrast, he would not have any direct authority with respect to any member of the project building team such as the General Contractor (Manager), Assistant General Manager, site supervisor, coordinator or facilitator, etc. unless an interactive role was explicitly approved in writing by the owner. For emphasis, it is intended that Dana’s actual role, as conducted on a day-to- day basis, would not conflict with any of the above named parties.


Why? To provide independent review and reports to the owner, concerning the progress or lack thereof related to each stage of the construction project (including any unresolved issues). Also, in the event corrections or changes in the approved project may be needed, Dana should review alternative solutions with the owner and provide any additional support needed (if desired by the owner).


What? After thoroughly reviewing the approved plans and specifications, and bringing any apparent issues initially detected to the attention of the owner, schedule and conduct at least three on-site inspections for each stage of the project. Subsequently, prepare a brief written report concerning compliance of the work (conducted within each stage of the building project) with the approved plans and specifications. In addition, include a separate list of any apparent non-compliance issues and recommendations for further review with the owner in concert with the General Contractor of record, sub-contractors of record and any additional consultants or inspectors, as necessary.


When will inspections be conducted? Before beginning a construction stage, during a construction stage and after a stage is completed. As an example, if a project is estimated to have at least 10 stages, then it could be expected that at least 30 inspections must be conducted plus any additional inspections that may be required by other on-site inspectors and/or the owner. FYI, a list of recognized construction stages will be provided separately to the owner after the approved plans and specifications have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate City and/or County agencies.


Where? The building projects that Dana typically reviews are located within a two hour round-trip travel time from the intersection of State Highways 33 & 150 in the Ojai Valley.


Cost? About how much does Concierge construction review and reporting cost? As an example, for a construction project with a declared value of about $1 mil, a cost range of about 1-2% of the declared value, depending upon the complexity of the site and the home building project when considered together. Also, 1-way mileage is charged from the Highway 33 and 150 intersection. For reference, costs estimates are calculated in advance and deposits are requested for at least three-to-four construction stages before starting construction so that Dana’s review and reporting work can continue without interruption. Also, if Dana is awarded the General Contractor’s role and responsibility for the entire building project, there would not be any extra charge for carrying out the additional role of Concierge oversight and reporting to the owner.


Additional Questions? If you have any additional questions or suggestions for improving the above list of FAQ's, please feel welcome to call Dana at 805-640-0685.


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