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Concierge Construction Oversight and Reporting For You !

For background, Dana Steele Construction (Lic. No. 711930) aka Dana's Concierge Construction Services reflects Dana’s 30 plus years of experience in producing quality construction and helping to resolve issues for owners. So, if you would like a contractor who started by building foundations and, then, worked his way up the technical, supervision and management ladders (while learning how to maintain quality, avoid errors and stay within budget) when keeping clients totally informed, please consider giving Dana a call at 805-640-0685!

For future reference, Dana's Concierge Construction Services (aka DSC Co., Lic. No. 711930) was created to help clients who do not have the time available or expertise to review their project during the critical grading, soil compaction, perimeter staking, foundation forming, framing and systems installation stages. Also, Dana works easily with architects, building designers, contractors, sub-contractors and inspectors. Costs for Dana’s professional time are charged against deposits that are estimated and submitted for several stages of the project in advance of beginning the actual construction sequence.

Some benefits for the owner, that might be evident via securing continuous review and reporting from a qualified Concierge Construction review service, such as Dana Steele Construction (Lic. 711930), can include providing increased strength, stability and an attractive finish for a new home or remodel along with keeping the owner fully informed about the actual status and need for any revisions during the progress of the work. While some people call this Concierge Construction Management or a Concierge style of management, the most important thing to remember is that we are here to help you complete what you and your architect intended from the very beginning! So, to learn more about the Concierge Concept and how it might help you, in actual practice, please go to the FAQ section that follows.

Some Things to Think About

1: If you look for Concierge Service when you travel, why not look for it before you start building your next home?

2: If a Great Maitri d' can help provide a memorable dining experience, please think about how a great Construction Concierge can help enhance building your next home!

3: Again, for Seamless Concierge construction just call Dana at 805-640-0685!

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