Helpful Starters!

If you live in the Ojai, Ventura or surrounding areas and would like to call Dana (at no cost or obligation for the first hour) 805-640-0685 and make an appointment to:

  • For Concierge Construction Services go to Topics & Services, in the top green header bar, next click on pages 12,13 and 14 and read each page of text FYI
  • Review your future building site for construction potential or
  • Have Dana review plans for needed repairs or remodeling or
  • Ask Dana to review your plans for entirely new construction or
  • Make Dana aware of your goals and objectives before he prepares a bid or
  • Ask Dana to answer questions about residential construction that you may have had in mind for sometime or
  • Ask Dana to review where you are right now in your construction project and offer some suggestions about how to take the next step.

To contact Dana is as simple as calling 805-640-0685 or clicking on the Contact Us button at the top right of the Home Page. By the way, since interest rates for construction are at some of the lowest levels they've been at in years right now might be a good time to call and talk about your construction (building) project!